Welcome to The Monorail Society's Panorama Pages. Viewing these panoramas requires Apple's QuickTime® software (for Macintosh and Windows). If you don't have QuickTime, click here to get it free. There are more monorails coming to our Panorama Pages. As we capture more of these spectacular 360 degree images, we'll add them here and put an alert on the TMS Home page. Some are large files, so if you are on a phone modem you may have to wait a while for them to download. I think you'll agree that they are worth the wait, so enjoy!
  • BUKIT NANAS (2.6 MB). Tree-lined hotel corridor as seen from hill.
  • RAJA CHULAN (2.1 MB). Inside one of Kuala Lumpur's canvas-top stations.
  • SHANGRI-LA (2.1 MB). Street level view in front of Shangri-la Hotel.
   LAS VEGAS: MGM-Bally's, NEVADA (1995-2003)
  • TRAIN LEAVING MGM STATION (1.5 MB). A view from below the graceful arched track of the MGM-Bally's Monorail. The MGM "green" train has just left the station and is crossing Audrie Lane.
  • BALLY'S STATION (1.5 MB). On the platform of the Bally's Resort Station. Looking south we can see the MGM Resort, the other end of this starter line monorail shuttle.
  • ALWEG TRAIN INTERIOR (1.7 MB). There are only two Alweg-built monorail trains left in the world and both make up the Seattle Center Monorail. You've got the train to yourself, look around at a train that could still be a look at the future of Century 21.
  •  GROSVENOR PLACE (1.6 MB). Mid-course on the Seattle Center Monorail. With the Space Needle in the background, here we have a good look of the low impact of monorail on an urban environment.
  •  TILIKUM PLACE (1.9 MB). A unique street level view of the Seattle Center Monorail track. It not only goes down streets, it goes over the top of one building to cut a corner.
  • ENOSHIMA S-CURVE (1.7 MB). This SAFEGE-type monorail first opened in 1970. Here's a busy, narrow two-lane street in Enoshima that the Mitsubishi-built train is running along.
  • TOSHIBA PARK (2.0 MB). A view from the beautiful Toshiba Building linear park. A Type 1000 train cruises by above the tree line.
  • PLAYGROUND (1.7 MB). See a Type 1000 train making a 90 degree turn over a serene playground. You might even see cherry blossoms in bloom.
  • HARBOR SUNSET (1.3 MB). The light was less than desirable, but it is still an interesting enough area to view as darkness descends. Bridges, apartments, fishing boats, waterways and yes...the Tokyo-Haneda Monorail.