Media Promotion for Monorail.

by Tom Woods Ph.D.

Thinkers that look beyond the current ways of doing things in transportation can easily envision transit monorails. The public, the political forces and the business community won't see it without a huge change of perspective. These are a few of my ideas to get the monorail concept onto the debate table for the nation to consider:

1) Student writers need to be encouraged and challenged to write movie scripts with monorails in them. These could be action movies, romance, crime, spy or whatever themes. The public needs to begin to understand that monorails exist outside of Disneyland. This is a soft sell that hits the subconscious minds of the people.

2) We the interested people in monorail development should initiate local public access TV shows in every community opening up the discussion and invite average people and transportation officials to appear on the shows. This would not be a high priced one time only PBS special. Instead, these would be weekly 30-minute programs on local cable TV with monorail transportation as the topic. Each show would feature success stories, the history of the monorail, interviews with developers, video taped monorail trains in action from local, regional, national and international monorail news. Since one local community would not be seeing what another community sees, similar shows could be created and aired without boring the local viewers. Then videotapes of shows could be sent to other communities and used as additional material for viewing and discussion. As a public access show there is no cost for production or airtime. Cable companies are required by Federal FCC laws to provide that service to all communities where they offer their cable services to subscribers. This means that all communities have the opportunity for a Monorail TV Show. We could start out in just a few in areas where we have interested people and then invite and train others to do likewise in their own community.

3) Approach beginning politicians...those members from our communities that have never been elected to any office. New candidates look for issues that will give them name recognition and a platform that will garner people to vote for them. Then invite them to appear on the Monorail TV Shows to present their views and debate the issues with the transportation "experts."

Achieving even a small percentage of my suggestions will put monorails into the mainstream of thinking in a few years. Once the ball is rolling it will be like the Internet... unstoppable! And you and I will be a part of it.

Tom Woods is one of our newest members. He owns Tom Woods TV Productions of Orange County, California. He has produced hundreds of TV infomercials and commercials. Thanks for your ideas Tom!

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