The Monorail Society

Electric Cars Necessitate Mass Transit

One of the biggest reasons most people don’t buy electric cars is their limited range. When you have to drive 40, 50, 70 miles or more to work or to visit your aunt Martha, electric cars are not the right tool for the job.

What’s needed are full service, modern rail connections between cities – to take the burden off the electric car. The car would be used only for short intra-city commutes – those 5 mile-or-less trips to the store, to a restaurant, to a movie, etc…. For anything longer - hop on a train, and rent a car (an electric car) at your destination.

Today the US does not have an adequate rail network to service the demand for commuting between cities. Most US rail services today offer very limited service throughout the week, even less (if any) on the weekend. With limited long distance rail service people have no choice but to continue driving gas powered vehicles.

Monorail’s role is to provide intermediate service between the train station and the final destination - getting you even closer to work or aunt Martha.

TMS - 10/31/2021