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World Campaign

Welcome to the World Campaign! One of our goals is to encourage the promotion of monorails for transit. The World Campaign improves communication between monorail groups and promoters all over the world. Below are links and contacts of those looking for support in bringing monorail to their city. No experience necessary, we're all looking for enthusiastic believers in monorail! If you are working for monorail in your area please let us know!


  • Cape Town Monorail Initiative. Promoting an 18 km system from Tableview to Capetown. Contact Quentin van Coller for information.
  • MetroRail Ltd. Promoting monorail in Africa.


North America

USA - Central

  • Columbus Monorail. Promoting monorail for Columbus, Ohio. A discussion group started by TMS member Mathias Bustamante, in hopes of steering COTA away from light rail.
  • Madison Monorail. Promoting monorail for Madison, Wisconsin. Currently only a discussion group, but a website is in the works (as of 6/09/02).
  • Milwaukee Monorail. Alexander K. Naylor's website promoting Siemen's Sipem suspended monorail for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

USA - North East

USA - South Central

  • Austin Monorail. Organization promoting monorail for Austin, Texas. Website premiered in January of 2002. Bumper stickers and signs get the word out. The Austin Monorail Group is working to get their government off the light rail track.
  • Metroplex Monorail. Promoting monorail for Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as intercity maglevs in Texas. Founded in April of 2005.
  • Metropolitan Elevated Transit-Houston. Promoting elevated transit in the metropolitan Houston area, as well as intercity maglevs between major Texan cities. Founded November 3, 2002.

USA - South East

  • Baltimore, Maryland - Pratt Street Monorail Committee. No website at this point, but e-mail Larry Wild if you believe this corridor would benefit from monorail. Besides Baltimore residents interested in this monorail, are there any website builders in the area willing to put something together?
  • East Coast USA Monorail Project. Dedicated to bringing forth a new transportation paradigm on the East Coast USA.
  • Miami Beach Monorail. Money has been set aside for transit on this route, Miami Beach Monorail advocates hope that a sensible choice is made in technology.
  • Virginia Monorail. Dedicated to bringing forth a new transportation paradigm in Virginia

USA - West


South America

  • Monorriel Panamericano - Contact: Francisco López; San Antonio de Los Altos,
    Telf: 0414-1379908

Let us know if you have a monorail group that should be listed here!