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We receive an extraordinary number of requests for technical information here at The Monorail Society. In response we have put together the technical details of actual operating monorail systems in one place, as well as some proposed systems. We will not make any attempt to judge which technology is better than another. The point is that monorail technology has improved continuously, and can compete with standard heavy and light rail systems for small and large scale transit systems. For further information beyond what we have here, we recommend you contact the companies listed on our Monorail Manufacturers page. Our thanks to TMS Vice President Keith Walls for conceiving of the Technical Pages. Besides coming up with the idea, he spent countless hours researching and assembling the data you see here. As always, we welcome technical materials donated to TMS for publication.

. Straddle . . Suspended .
ALWEG Steel Box Beam Inverted T   SAFEGE I-beam Double-flanged

Hybrid Maglev PRT   Cable  
Cantilevered Maglev Monorail PRT   Cable Car  
     Cable Car  

Attention Monorail Manufacturers: please inform us if the information on these pages is incomplete or needs updating. We want monorails to be purchased from YOU, so having the correct information is vital. All information contained in these pages has been obtained from publicly available sources and is believed to be correct. The Monorail Society and its officers will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incomplete data other than to make a reasonable attempt to correct such data.

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