PRT - Personal Rapid Transit

Imagine riding your own personal monorail car to a destination directly, with the vehicle automatically bypassing all other stations along the way. Unlike taxi cabs at street level, you cruise over traffic on a monorail guideway, through intersections without stopping. That's the concept that PRT advocates and developers are working on. Several companies are working towards implementation of PRT. Rather than present their technology here, we have provided external links to their websites for details. Skyweb Express has moved beyond computer graphics and has developed a full-scale vehicle and is now planning a test track loop. As with all new transit technologies, the difficulty of finding a community to try something "different" is the major challenge for promoters, no matter what the technology is.


Automated monorail taxi cabs, bypassing traffic and other stations for speedy transportation to more destinations. (art rendering courtesy of Taxi 2000 Corporation, map simulation by TMS)

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