Moscow Monorail
with photographs by
Konstantin Ventzlavovich and Anton A. Chigrai
commentary by Kim Pedersen
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Welcome to Moscow! Thanks to TMS members Konstantin Ventzlavovich and Anton A. Chigrai, we bring you the following Moscow Monorail photographs and information. We start off with a look at a map of the six-station, 4.7-kilometer system. The stations are, from left to right:

1. Timiryazevskaya (from the name of Timiryazev) - named for a well-known botanist.
2. Ulitsa Milashenkova (Milashenkov street) - named for a WWII pilot.
3. Telecentr (Television center)
4. Ulitsa Akademika Korolyova (Academy member Korolyov street) - named for a famous inventor of the first soviet rockets
5. Vystavochniy centr (Exhibition center)
6. Ulitsa Sergeya Eizenshteyna (Sergey Eizenstain street) - named for a well-known Russian movie director.

Let's take a tour. We enter the station via this stylish entry, complete with three escalators to the platform.

There is lots of room in each station, although you might want to dress warmly if it's Winter. Other stations along the route are a bit more enclosed.

Here comes our train, a stylish Intamin-based design.

The six-car trains are equipped with state of the art features, including air-conditioning, heating, audio- and visual passenger information systems, automatic door operation and are designed for handicapped access. The system is designed to run in a fully-automated mode.

Each train has a capacity of 200 passengers. The system is designed for 6,000 passengers per hour per direction.

Note the platform level and train floors match up. Let's take a ride! NEXT>>>

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